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Wed., Nov. 26
7:30 a.m.
Leadership in 30 Call

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Events Calendar

November 2014

LEADERSHIP: Intentionally Spiritual, Inspirational and Effective Leadership.


A leader is someone who achieves great things in all aspects of their lives by working with, and through, other people.

Effective leadership involves not only the traditional disciplines of psychology, sociology and technology, but that of intentional spirituality as well. Our approach starts by releasing the passion and joy you already posess. Then it helps you to better lead others with whom you interact. The result: sustained performance.

A New Equilibrium exists to energize and empower intentionally spiritual leaders to fully engage their beliefs whilst in the workplace.

If you are a leader in today's business community or society, you will benefit from the examples of the members of A New Equilibrium. more

ANE’s Inspired Leadership in 30


“Please pass the oyster stuffing”

Not the standard title for a brief message regarding leadership and spirituality in the workplace, however, “Tradition” needs to have a place in your leadership. Tradition may be defined in many ways--some that include the passing down of elements of a culture, as well as a set of customs as a coherent body of precedents influencing the present/future.

Do you have Leadership Traditions? Do you practice them regularly; would your coworkers recognize them as Leadership Traditions? Some standard examples of Leadership Traditions include annual parties, Employee of the Year, quarterly/annual meetings, and employee of the month. Other examples can include a new employee mentoring program, breakfast with the Manager, annual book study for staff, and even an Annual Leadership Development class offered to all interested employees.

At this time of year we celebrate many important traditions with family and in our Spiritual lives, most of which we look forward to each year. Collectively establish your Leadership Traditions to inspire, remind, ground, and provide clarity for those important elements of your core to be fully present all days of the week.

Bob Weinhold hosts Inspired Leadership in 30 phone call
Wednesday, Nov. 26, 7:30 a.m.

Call in number:
(712) 775-7031(712) 775-7031
Enter ID #: 251-410-597