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July 2014

LEADERSHIP: Intentionally Spiritual, Inspirational and Effective Leadership.


A leader is someone who achieves great things in all aspects of their lives by working with, and through, other people.

Effective leadership involves not only the traditional disciplines of psychology, sociology and technology, but that of intentional spirituality as well. Our approach starts by releasing the passion and joy you already posess. Then it helps you to better lead others with whom you interact. The result: sustained performance.

A New Equilibrium exists to energize and empower intentionally spiritual leaders to fully engage their beliefs whilst in the workplace.

If you are a leader in today's business community or society, you will benefit from the examples of the members of A New Equilibrium. more

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A NEW Equilibrium

June 11, 2014 

On behalf of the Board of Trustees of A New Equilibrium, I hope that this letter finds you well and that you are utilizing the core principles and teachings of ANE to challenge yourselves as to what it means to be a successful leader.

Over the past year, my fellow trustees and I have been challenging ourselves as well. This challenge has extended to every facet of our personal and professional lives, and by extension, includes what it means to be part of ANE.  In our collaborative search together, the Board completed a soul-searching journey that traced the origins of the organization and its humble beginnings some five years ago to where we stand today. 

What is ANE? 

Beyond the core teachings of calm, confident and connected leadership there lies a much deeper and greater purpose: to give. We began ANE with the goal together of taking principles that have defined our personal lives and to share them in a way that crosses all of our individual religious and spiritual boundaries. To transcend ourselves through the recognition that only through a community of ideas and values can we truly make ourselves better leaders in our organizations.  After all, no organization, whether they involve our immediate or extended families, our professional and social associations, or the businesses we serve, can stand without a united purpose in community.

For ANE, that community flows from the wellspring of the membership. And as they say, that means You. 

Over the years, ANE members have shaped the purpose and destiny of each other in remarkable ways. Sometimes in a direct, obvious way, such as a hand to hold or to support our weight in order to stand on our own two feet. Sometimes in a more subtle way, as the Monday morning calls, prayer partnerships and gatherings enlightened us and gave us guidance, renewed purpose and resilience. But regardless of the degree to which ANE’s community and core teachings have affected each of us, it is undeniable that the organization has in fact had a profound impact on our lives. Even the smallest pebble can have measurable effect upon the greatest bodies of water.

When our Board met earlier this year to consider ANE and its future, we recalled together how much the organization meant to ourselves and our families. To say we have all been irrevocably changed in extraordinarily positive ways by a process we consciously sought to put in place is a true understatement. But we also considered the fact that as ANE evolved and expanded over the years, the focus of the organization shifted more to the business of ANE rather than its message. The burdens and demands of the organization fell disproportionately on certain shoulders. 

And most important, we realized that to bring the organization forward, we had to take a few steps back—to return with renewed purpose and commitment to why we actually formed ANE in the first place—to come together in common purpose in order to raise ourselves to a new level of understanding as self-realized and engaged leaders.

To that end, we proudly announce that ANE is back. Better than ever. 

We are pleased to announce that we have added three new Trustees to the Board including Mary Ryan, Alan Horgan and Susannah Coleman, all of whom are dedicated ANE practitioners. We believe that Mary, Alan and Susannah bring to the table a set of extraordinary qualities born of their business and spiritual journeys that will bring renewed purpose to the organization.

We will be reinstituting the inspirational calls that ANE used to hold on Mondays, beginning in August of this year. Each Monday, ANE will send out a message that will lead the discussions to follow on Wednesday of each week. All ANE members are invited to participate. We will be sending a follow up email to all ANE members as to whether they would like to be included on a designated e-mail list for the weekly messaging.

In addition, we anticipate there will be another seminar event at the Princeton Theological Seminary (PTS) tentatively scheduled for October 24-25, 2014. This will officially be our kick-off gathering for ANE, and we will be announcing our 2015 programs at that time. We hope to bring a whole host of new ideas to the table next year, including ways to invigorate both mind and body as we challenge ourselves to reach our leadership potential.

We hope that you will all support us as we move the organization forward, to expand the teachings of the organization and to bring your own personal journeys into our wonderful community of purpose.

Thank you and welcome to the next chapter of A New Equilibrium. We promise it is something worth waiting for.

Very truly yours,
Howard A. Matalon, Chairman
A New Equilibrium


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