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"The energy of learning is amazing. Something happens in a room of these leaders, you can feel it."


Events Calendar

October 2014

LEADERSHIP: Intentionally Spiritual, Inspirational and Effective Leadership.


A leader is someone who achieves great things in all aspects of their lives by working with, and through, other people.

Effective leadership involves not only the traditional disciplines of psychology, sociology and technology, but that of intentional spirituality as well. Our approach starts by releasing the passion and joy you already posess. Then it helps you to better lead others with whom you interact. The result: sustained performance.

A New Equilibrium exists to energize and empower intentionally spiritual leaders to fully engage their beliefs whilst in the workplace.

If you are a leader in today's business community or society, you will benefit from the examples of the members of A New Equilibrium. more

ANE’s Inspired Leadership in 30


ANE’s Inspired Leadership in 30--A Weekly Reflection and Discussion

Birds of a feather flock together.
What's your flight plan and are you engaged and on course?

Birds of a feather flock together, because they are all going to the same place at the same time. 

As Spiritual Inspired Leaders we have a common destination with our flock (those we lead).  We create flocks (teams), for the purpose of growth for each other and those we serve. 

In nature the flock’s destination is clear, orderly and defined, but we people sometimes make things a bit more difficult for ourselves.  A Leader needs to continually check in, provide inspiration and encouragement to help the flock soar, making sure everyone is heading to the desired destination. Calibrate your current team’s flight plan and your own COMITTMENT to Spiritual Leadership.

From the chart available here, for each row, choose the statement that best reflects your feelings about your workplace right now. Evaluate your selected statements positioning. All on the right-you're in good shape. Where you've chosen statements to the left, you've got work to do. Which statements would your team members select? Different than yours? Opportunity for leadership! You might even ask your team members to complete the calibration tool.